Running Restaurant for Sale

Sale ₹225,000.00 sqftCommercial-Showroom

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Owner's Name : XXXXXX
Owner's Contact : 98118XXXXX

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Property Type : Commercial-Showroom

Premium Property : YES
Description:R u looking for Running Restaurant for Sale ??We have options of Running Restaurant for Sale in All Across Delhi and Gurgaon.Ranges from 2000 sqft to 10000sqftFor Details you can feel free to contact 
Dear Sir/Ma'am \n\n Following is the shortlisted property as per your requirement.\n\n Commercial-Showroom \n Property: Sale \n Location : Rajouri Garden \n Area : 2150 sqft\n Sale Cost: ₹225,000.00 sqft \n\n Hope the information provided above is useful.We are looking Forward to hear from you. \n\n Regards, \n \n