Residential Builder Floor For Sale In Kirti Nagar

Sale ₹37,500,000.00 Residential-Builder Floor

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Owner's Name : XXXXXX
Owner's Contact : 98913XXXXX

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Property Type : Residential-Builder Floor
Verified Property : YES
Premium Property : YES

Are You Looking For Residential Builder Floor For Sale In Kirti Nagar?

402 Sqyd Builder Floor,first Floor,4 Bedroom area,Attach Bathrooms,Furnished With Lift And 2 Car Parking. 
Dear Sir/Ma'am \n\n Following is the shortlisted property as per your requirement.\n\n Residential-Builder Floor \n Property: Sale \n Location : Kirti Nagar \n Area : 402 Sqyd\n Sale Cost: ₹37,500,000.00 \n\n Hope the information provided above is useful.We are looking Forward to hear from you. \n\n Regards, \n \n